Yuqing Wang

What these four projects have in common is that they are all presented in physical form although with the digital techniques adopted, which stems from my interest in the connection between the digital world and physical world in the past semester.

The simulation of 'Douban prints' by control device

This work is about taking example of traditional wood prints in order to imagine the hidden process of digital prints. My idea is based on the relationship between the digital prints and the hand prints.

Fake 'Qian ziwen' classical documents and The meaningless puzzle of words

Both of these works are based on the idea of language recognition. The former contains elements of computational method, creating the apparently authentic Chinese characters by changing the structure of Roman characters in Processing. In the latter, however, there are no computational methods involved, but simulating the process of a computer generates random fake words through a tangible way in the physical world.

In-between the lines

The idea for this project below is of the emotion and content hidden in the blank space of the book. Taking this exhibition as a summary of work for my self, I'd like to also include this project although this is still a practice. In-between the lines and The simulation of 'Douban prints, Fake 'Qian ziwen' classical documents, The meaningless puzzle of words reflects my interest tendency on the physical objects in the last semester.