Vytautas Bikauskas

Grid layout, step after step, cell after cell.

My work is informed by my personal relationship with the digital media - both as a creative tool and as a hard limiter. Repetition comes out as an essential quality in my pieces – the ability to create identical visual elements stands in extreme contrast to my previous experience in fine art.

In all three projects a specific viewer-artwork relationship plays the defining role: the observer, the oppressor, the spiritual consumer. For me passivity, domination and consumption are the three basic technological states. All three are naturally problematic, I try to reflect them back to the viewer. Works progress step by step – from code working on its own, to code interacting, to code in physical space. The ability to portray these states coincides with the learning curve of creative coding: starting from zero experience I curiously explored the many possibilities it offers.

Finally, it comes back to inwards directed reflection – what can technology-driven creativity tell us about itself? It’s an endless game, where we use the same tools to propagate and criticize.


Creative coding exploration of computer generated aesthetics - seeking out both order and chaos.


Interactive web artwork about the multitude of power relationships between the user and interface elements.

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Projection mapping artwork about automated spirituality, Buddhist prayer wheels and perpetual religion.