Edouard Berard

ACE-110 is a typographic project exploring the distortion and movements of typefaces. Back in November I decided to make a series of characters based on a swoosh-like shape, evoking a movement, a direction, and explore their behaviours when animated. Thanks to Tim Rodenbröker kinetic type workshop I could explore a new way of animating letters and words. The first submission of my project in November was a single poster exploring the movement of the letter ‘A’. During my lockdown I’ve decided to complete the typeface with 2 font styles and release it. Using Glyphs App, Processing and Photoshop, I've created a new series of posters exploring more thoroughly this concepts of moving words. Another exploration of movements is also available on the typeface's website below.

The full typeface is available here (www.ace110.xyz).

ACE-110 // Typeface Website // HTML, CSS, JS