Denizali Onal

Safe Space and ASMR Corridor have similar processes and materials. They were both created using Photoshop and Illustrator following the same process of sketching, storyboarding and post-production. The pieces of work are distinguishable by the different use of colour and the selection of the illustrations and imagery.

One of the other elements that made these two pieces of artwork unique was the contrasting end results. Safe Space was an illustration of the imagined product. My influence for Safe Space was an exhibition called ASMR Corridor by Claire Tolan. After researching about her exhibition I created a product that gave the user the same experience at home. The key influences were her ideas behind ASMR Corridor and how it should be used and the colour scheme she used on her posters to make the invitation more attractive for her exhibition.

WW1FINAL2 (sound).mp4

The influence for WW Comics was Frank Miller the creator of Sin City. I wanted to bring in his way of showing darkness and sharpness by mostly using black & white with the colour red as highlights to my work. WW Comics ended up being a video even though it uses the similar processes.