Rebecca McSherry

Primarily interested in creative coding, projection mapping, AI and AR. I'm interest in working with film, images and data, I often look to the exaggerated stereotypes of Hollywood film, specifically in horror and sci-fi, as inspiration for my work. I enjoy using the rules of film to drive my own themes.

The work featured above consists of three pieces. VHS Tapes, an AI project, which questions the aesthetics of advertisements for particular genres in film by using RunwayML. It's the beginning of a larger conversation about the fast paced manufacturing in present day Hollywood.

The Horror of Suspense is an interactive touch book. Primarily focused on the rules of suspense of Hitchcock's work and its relation to Edgar Allen Poe's writing. Intended to be a solo interactive experience.

Glimpse an audio visual project using the track The Rainstorm from Hitchcock's Psycho. The aim of this piece was to exaggerate the suspense in that section of film and to focus on the partial view we see, playing with the theme of 'being left in the dark' as Hitchcock wishes the viewer to be.