Innes White

My third year of Interaction Design saw my work develop both conceptually and practically. A better understanding of my toolset has allowed me to spend more time developing concepts leading to what I believe is a higher standard of work. I now spend about half of the project researching and planning before I begin creating.

Looking over my work as a whole, I notice several commonalities; the most obvious being politics. I wouldn’t say my work overtly political, instead I aim to provide a situation in which political questions arise under closer inspection. I am reminded of the pessimistic tone that tends to drive my work. I often start a project by exploring whatever frustrates me at that moment of time and build from there.

I tend to be influenced by what I am reading at that moment. This year, I created works inspired by the works of Jean-Paul Sartre, Darren McGarvey, Ian Bogost, alongside the books 'The Age of Surveillance Capitalism' and 'Say Nothing'.

Deprivation in Glasgow Data Visualisation // 3D Viewer