Marta Palacz

AI Records considers a completely new means of creating music by working alongside machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. These tools allow for a model to be trained with a dataset made up of images, this means that the computer analyses each of the commonalities and differences between the images to grasp an understanding of what it is seeing and slowly allows the computer to create new generative outcomes based on what it has learned from the dataset.

I trained my model by loading in hundreds of female album covers curious to find out how AI views female artist’s artwork. I quickly noticed that my model wasn’t objectifying women and had haunting raw results, which I was very pleased with. The interesting results inspired me to use the images to extract sound frequencies and work alongside Runway ML software to name the tracks and play around with making unique ‘music’.

Mechanic Curves also allowed for a computer to create unique and pleasing artwork. By attaching a pen to a servo motor, rotating to a maximum of 180 degrees, connected to an Arduino board, controlling the speed and movement, the prototype robot was capable of creating distinctive and rare lines and marks. This proved to me that machines, robots and technology are very capable of creating artwork when merged with human creativity.