Chun-Tien Hsiao

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Data Visualisation

A specific place, time and crowd, determines the final look of each individual work. Collecting the datasets by the audiences and generating a random message at the end of the accumulation.

Braille references the arrangements and appearance, black dots on white, six circles in a group representing the amount of the individual participants.

The audience is asked to poke a hole through the white surface, in order to get a black round shape chocolate (aiming to attract people for participating). In the end, these random holes will leave a message which is generated by the participants' interactions.


Dataset One - 13 Feb 2020, Thursday, 5-8 PM, G2 4JW, Student Group

Dataset Two - 14 Feb 2020, Friday, 2-5 PM, G4 9LE, GSA Barnes Building, Interaction Design Year 3, Data Visualisation Presentation

Dataset Three - Future Tense, The Public Group