Chloe Lefort

In this selection, the two projects are both displayed to the viewer to be read with a non-linear approach. Abstract and detailed, they were achieved by writing code on Processing, a software I have grown comfortable using these past 3 years. Paper is a medium I often incorporate, hence the two printed elements.

Watched Films is a self-portrait constructed with personal data around all the movies I have watched (a total of 1485 films by February 1st 2020). The film units each tell the story of a memory where emptiness is equally important as the rest.


Abstract Mazes is an ever-changing understanding of non-linear narrative potentials of a space (here, a complex network of paths). The user's gaze is tracked on the screen and directly affects the abstract generated maze displayed. I also designed a small edition which could expand and condense. It embodies my research around non-linearity, space and object.