6 minutes is a data visualisation piece portraying people's loss in the fight with natural disasters. Taking a form of a traditional Japanese interior this installation uses powerful, pulsating light to symbolise strong spirit of the community. The intensity of the light is driven by the graph illustrating movement of the earth during the Tohoku earthquake.

Selective hearing is a sensory experience touching on issues of passive communication often present in the modern world. This interactive installation uses audio recognition creating an opportunity to hold a meaningful conversation with a computer. Such communication happens only when the participants engage and manage to 'break the rules' by pressing the buttons in a special sequence.

In 6 minutes & selective hearing the digital aspect isn't the most important part. Instead, technology acts here as a necessary bridge connecting the information and the receiver allowing for a meaningful interchange.

In my practice I use various media as tools in creating engaging, sensory experiences designed to help connect and drive people to think and feel.

My projects aim to examine the intersection between physical and digital. I actively seek to answer the question of what is and how the human relationship with technology looks like.

My work shows my interest in pursuing the potential of emerging technologies and making the digital feel tangible.

Please find below detailed descriptions of the two featured projects...